“Claire is so wonderful to work with, she helped me in updating my resume with content and formatting. She also helped me compose and edit cover letters for potential job opportunities. Claire is very talented in helping clients get direction in where they want to go, whether that is furthering their career opportunities or changing career paths. Claire excels in helping clients get where they want to be and assisting them in finding the right starting point.” - Lauren, Denver, CO

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“I’m so grateful that Upwork brought Claire into my life! Her passion, kindness, and professionalism are unmatched and I don’t know what I would’ve done without her throughout this process. Claire, YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you for being patient and understanding when school became hectic. Your kindness is contagious! I hope we can stay in touch!” - Troi, Lawrenceville, NJ

“Claire does much more ‘purpose-based’ career planning than most other employment resources I've found, and purpose is one of my huge pushes within my business and ministry. She is a unique asset to add for people really lacking purpose, especially in their professional careers.” - Corbin, Littleton, CO

“Claire has done a fantastic job! She updated my resume and LinkedIn profile. All changes in my old CV have been justified and commented in details. I received a ready set of documents along with a beautiful layout of a new CV. What surprised me was that Claire did not get lost in the technologies, developer tools names and other specialized terms.” - Michal, Lomianki, Poland

“Claire was a delight to work with. She sent me several resume options to choose from and completed the job within my strict time frame. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and how communicative she was throughout the process.” - Brittni, Los Angeles, CA

“Claire was WONDERFUL to work with. Communication was quick and end product was better than expected. She is a gem!”
- Christina, Crawfordville, FL

“I recommend Claire without reservation. She completed everything ahead of schedule. Her work has been invaluable to me. She maintained open lines of communication at all times and was very responsive. Claire's suggestions for my resume and LinkedIn profile were spot on.” - Brian, Belleville, MI

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Paul, Arvada, CO

"Claire was patient in writing my story. Was always available and paid attention to all details. Highly recommend for any project."
- Alex, Fountain Valley, CA

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“Claire was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly Recommended!” - Hertzel, Ashdod, Israel

“Claire was an amazing help creating me a great resume, updating my LinkedIn profile to be more professional as well as perfecting the wording of my professional Bio. I plan on using Claire’s services in the future and strongly recommend using her as Career Consultant.” - Sampson, Fort Collins, CO

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I can't believe Claire created this wonderful resume out of the absolute rambling junk that I sent her. Seriously, hire her, not only for her excellent written communication skills, but her general career advice as well! - Greg, Saint Louis, MO

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